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Urgent request to respond
Godmanchester Town Council, Godmanchester Covid 19 Mutual Aid and Godmanchester Community Timebank are working together to get in place a network of street co-ordinators across the town.
Our vision is to establish a network of people taking initiative right down to street level to help your neighbours. At least one person for every street in the town, sharing the load as much as possible and supported by an army of other local volunteers to help.
• To act as a point of contact for anyone in your local area who needs some help because they are ill, self-isolating or in difficulty.
• To co-ordinate help so that no-one is missed out if we can help it.
• To provide some practical help yourself if you are able and/or particularly if you are self-isolating, to signpost or arrange help

Could you be a street co-ordinator to help our community get through this crisis?
Clearly, time is of the essence so if you are willing, please do so as soon as you possibly can.
Thank you so much
Please sign up on Godmanchester Covid 19 Facebook page and also e mail or message 07863 299545