Help improve transport and travel in Godmanchester

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Current Transport Issues – (PDF DOCUMENT Download)

For several years residents have been asking for improvements in various parts of the town. Now the Council is looking at the complete issue and all residents’ views are sought.

The Council would also like to hear from other people who travel through Godmanchester or enjoy the local shops, and other facilities such as the outdoor tracks and open spaces.

We have collated some transport and travel issues that we are aware of in the linked document. Please comment on these and add anything we have missed.

The Council’s consultant will use the ideas suggested to develop a list of potential schemes which we can use to seek funding from our own sources or from the District and County Councils.  After this initial engagement we will present possible solutions to the areas identified with outline information including timescales, cost, impact on congestion and an assessment of feasibility.


The closing date for completion of the online questionnaire is 2nd January 2022.

Please click on the “Have Your Say” link and fill in the questionnaire.  If you have more than three children or three adults in your household, please fill in the form again with their information.