The Queens Platinum Jubilee is fast approaching and we are sure they will be many of you wishing to celebrate the occasion.  Highways have advised that you may need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to support the safe running of your event.  Please see the useful information below to help you.

Events on the Highway

Guidance – Platinum Jubilee events – Cambridgeshire County Council

Application forms

Links below provide guidance for those considering organising a street party, a highway event or utilising outdoor areas for celebrations. Applications can also now be submitted via the Cambridgeshire County Council web page.

Organising a Street Party Event – Cambridgeshire County Council*

Organising an event that impacts the public highway – Cambridgeshire County Council

*Those wishing to hold street parties in areas that aren’t quiet residential streets e.g. High Streets should follow the guidance on organising an event that impacts the public highway.


Time frames

Street party application should be received by Highways on the above link no later than 8 weeks prior to the event date.

All other application should be received by Highways on the above link no later than 12 weeks prior to the event date.


Cambridgeshire County Council Highways are not charging any fees for the production of TTRO’s for Charity or Community Events. Event organisers may incur costs associated with facilitating traffic management to industry standard at their events.

Highways Contact

We are also happy to answer any queries directly via email. Event organisers can contact us on for an informal chat.

Safety Advisory Groups

In addition to informing Highways, all event organisers, regardless of the location of the event, are also encouraged to contact their local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for further advice and guidance. SAG are chaired by local district councils and comprise of district council departments (Environmental Health, Licensing), emergency service and Cambridgeshire County Council Highways. The groups offer advice to event organisers on the safe running of events.

Huntingdonshire District Council – Event Safety Advisory Group –

Notify Highways of your event and apply online for your special events TTRO.