JF Field

Unfortunately, the bench at the far end of Judith’s Field continues to attract some people who think it is acceptable to drop their litter.  In addition to this we discovered the newly planted Japanese cherry (prunus Kansan), close to the same bench, has been completely destroyed (see photo). Earlier in the year the tulip tree, also close to the bench, was snapped off.


We have also received reports of teenagers misusing the large circular swing on the field by having multiple people on it at one time and jumping up and down on it in a effort to try and break it.

Please can we ask parents to remind their children, teenagers and young people to respect their surroundings for the enjoyment of us all.

As a result of the continuing problems, we are considering relocating and securing both picnic benches closer to the toddlers’ playground.  We hope that, at least, this will reduce the litter problem and the vandalism.

Thank you for your support.