The Transport Study Working Group is pleased to share information from the Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign. This data refers to the first location for the M-VAS; Earning Street.
The first set of data covers 20 days (4 to 24 August) right in the middle of the summer holidays. 5,295 activations were recorded. From these the largest group (2,196/5,295) were recorded as doing 16-20mph. 19/5,295 were recorded as doing >30mph and there were 0 recordings of >46mph.
The second set of data covers a 28-day period from 24 August to 20 September. This includes the tail end of the holidays and the “back to work/school” traffic from September. The overall number of activations was 13,064 reflecting not only the slightly longer monitoring period but also the general increase in traffic in school term time.
The largest group (5,694/13,064) from this set of data were recorded as doing <15mph. 40/13,964 were recorded as doing >30mph and there were 0 recordings of >46mph.
The TSWG are generally pleased with these figures as they show that the majority of vehicles are driven within the speed limit of 30mph for this street. However, the 59 vehicles travelling at between 30 and 45mph are a concern, although we are relieved that no vehicles were recorded as travelling over 46mph.
The M-VAS has now been moved to West Street and the results from this street will be shared in due course.
Cllr Mrs Karen Pauley