I am planning to write after each Town Council meeting to offer a brief overview of any major decisions and review events of the month. These short updates will be posted on the Council website and on social media, and I hope you will find them useful.


This month’s Council meeting took place on 9th December. The Minutes will be posted on our website, to be found at: https://gmccouncil.com  Of note, an application for a Grant from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue was approved and a contractor selected for some minor work to be carried out on the Judith’s Field Pavilion. Council also learned that the police had taken action against the offenders identified by CCTV damaging the new toilet facility by fire and, in another incident involving damage to the wooden cladding of the same building, the police have received our CCTV footage and we can expect further action soon.

Some of you braved foul weather to attend the opening of our new Multi Wheel Fun Track at Judith’s Field. Daniel Harvey, aged 5, had the honour of the inaugural ride and he was followed by some professional BMX riders who showed us all how it could be done. This splendid facility has come about due to the hard work of a small number of councillors and a larger group of enthusiasts who formed the Steering Advisory Group.  It replaces a derelict BMX track which, in the 1980s, an equally dedicated band of mums and dads built for the children of the Town. We had strong Godmanchester BMX team in those days (we found a picture) So, let’s hope our new track inspires the current generation to equally great things.  But, even if it doesn’t, the main idea is to have fun, and I sense everyone will.

After missing out last year because of Covid-19, we were delighted to hold a small Christmas Market again this year at School Hill.  The smiles may have been hidden by the masks but it was clear that everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening.  A huge variety of the products and skills of local societies and Godmanchester small traders was on display on a large number of stalls Our children were in fine voice as choirs from all our schools along with the Coleman Performing Academy, provided some truly moving moments and the local churches provided a light-hearted cabaret while reminding all of the true meaning of Christmas. Throughout the evening, the Town’s children happily lined up to meet Father Christmas and all received an early small present.  As the Hinchingbrooke Community Choir closed the evening in splendid style, there was no doubt that happier times are back in Godmanchester. All of this was organised superbly by Sarah Conboy, to whom we owe a big vote of thanks.

I and my family moved to Godmanchester in 1981 from Brampton.  Yet hardly a week goes by that I don’t learn something new about our lovely old Town and the activities and people it hosts.  Last month marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Rehoboth Children’s Home Trust.  The Home is in the Philippines and the Trust’s work has become internationally renowned and sponsored. It was established by Connie & Vernon Andrews together with a local pastor and his wife. The Andrews lived in Godmanchester and the Trust is currently supporting over 70 young children and young people with 11 staff and 2 full-time volunteers in the Philippines. This charity is based in Godmanchester (www.rehobothchildrenshomes.org) and many of the trustees are from the Town.

And how about the Godmanchester and Helen Ashton Charities? Established for the people of Godmanchester, its Charters read in paraphrase: “the Trustees shall apply the income of the Relief in Need Charity, in relieving generally or individually persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress” Only relatively small sums are available in today’s terms but these are dispensed each year within our Community.  This work has been going on continuously since 1443.  Just another fascinating aspect of our historic Town.  I, and I suspect, many of you could echo Michael Caine: “Not a lot of people know that”

It remains for me on behalf of the Town Council to wish you a very Happy Christmas and Health and Happiness for the New Year.

Cllr Cliff Thomas

Mayor of Godmanchester


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