I am planning to write after each Town Council meeting to offer a brief overview of any major decisions and review events of the month. These short updates will be posted on the Council website and on social media, and I hope you will find them useful.


The Town Council met at the Queen Elizabeth School on 17 March. The Minutes will be posted on our website, to be found at: https://gmccouncil.com  Amongst much, we progressed our plans for an outdoor cinema event as part of the Jubilee celebrations on 4 June, and for extending the car parking capacity at the Community Nursery and Judith’s Field.  We also reviewed plans for managing and allocating the future use of Town facilities and land as we continue to hope that a degree of (post-Covid) normality may return for us all.  Details will soon be posted on the Council website and be available at the Town Hall.

I outlined in my December message how the history of Godmanchester Charites is long, and that over the centuries many hundreds of residents in the Town have been helped and supported.  In addition to these cash gifts the Trustees also support young people living in the Town aged 16-25 who are in full time study or pursuing an apprenticeship. The cost of both these routes can be challenging and every 2 years the Trustees make cash awards to those students who can identify a particular need – for example the cost of books, uniforms, specific trade tools and the like.  Applications are welcomed now and the closing date is 15 June 2022. Please call Neil Mackie on 07990 541441 for more information and to receive an application form.

On a sadder note, I have previously reported occurrences of costly vandalism, particularly at Judith’s Field. Despite the surveillance system being able to identify the culprits and the police obtaining compensation for the damage, there are still some who have not received the message. I regret to warn that some unsuspecting parents may soon be in for a shock.

You will recall that the Council has commissioned Atkins, a specialist organisation, to produce a Transport Plan for the Town. We suffer from congestion and parking problems at multiple locations and, especially considering the large amounts of committed growth in the town, Godmanchester needs a targeted and comprehensive transport strategy to mitigate both current and emerging challenges. In April, Council will be meeting with Atkins to discuss their findings and recommendation.

We all know the significance of 1 April. This year it also marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Town Council.  Further comment is not necessary!

As the sun begins to shine, I wish you all a very enjoyable Spring.


Cllr Cliff Thomas

Mayor of Godmanchester



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