I am planning to write after each Town Council meeting to offer a brief overview of any major decisions and review events of the month. These short updates will be posted on the Council website and on social media, and I hope you will find them useful.


Your Council met on 16 September at the Queen Elizabeth’s School. A number of the public attended and some submitted a range of views and requests. Council always considers these in detail, and the Town Clerk responds in writing wherever appropriate. Because we need to collate the views of your 17 councillors, responses may take some time. Bear with us – we haven’t forgotten you.

With work on the A14 and associated local link roads almost complete, Council agreed that it was the right time to begin commissioning the long-awaited comprehensive Transport Study for Godmanchester. We are hoping to appoint an expert contractor to report on issues including speeding, parking, rat-running, improving through-traffic flows, pedestrian safety and the environment for cycling.  In fact, all the problems we encounter on a daily basis in our Town. The first stage is to select our expert advisors, and this is now under way.  Throughout we anticipate that consulting with you, the long-suffering public, will be key.  Some of the proposed solutions may be controversial so we want everyone involved. Do remember, however, that the final arbiter of decisions concerning our roads is Cambridge County Council. We are not always masters of our own destiny.

Meantime we are submitting a proposal to County to introduce a 20-mph speed limit in appropriate areas of our Town.  If approved, we would use some of our Community Infrastructure Levy funds to finance this. I will keep you informed.

Keen observers of the flag staff at School Hill will have noticed that we marked Merchant Navy Day by flying the Red Duster.  Battle of Britain Sunday will see us proudly raise the RAF Ensign.

Many of you will be lucky enough not to be affected by the problems caused by pigeons on or around Cambridge Road.  For those of you who are suffering from this I can assure you that Council is in contact with the appropriate authorities, including Environmental Health.

On a happier note, what a wonderful Gala Day and Picnic in the Park we were able to hold this year.  The children especially clearly enjoyed the whole thing and the outstanding organisation of the Community Association was evident throughout.  We are lucky to live in our lovely Town but the efforts of our numerous voluntary groups set it apart and, on your behalf, I thank them all.


Cllr Cliff Thomas
Mayor of Godmanchester

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