Use it! Or lose it!

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) are beginning a new campaign to specifically tackle food waste.

During lockdown we wasted a third less food than we usually would. We saved leftovers, wrote shopping lists and baked a LOT of banana bread. In an emergency, we got organised and we crushed food waste. But we’re still in an emergency – a long one, so we need to keep crushing it.

However, as restrictions have begun to ease, food waste is rising again. HDC would therefore really appreciate it if we could help to spread the message.

With 513 tonnes of edible food ending up in green bins, as well as 6,898 tonnes of edible food waste ending up in grey bins every year in Huntingdonshire, it’s not just our bank accounts that are affected by food waste – it’s our planet too.

The process of growing, making, transporting, storing and cooking our food uses lots of energy, water and fuel, which all goes to waste when it’s thrown away. Global food waste generates 22 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year – that’s four times more than all aeroplanes put together! So really, it’s a no-brainer to keep as much food out of the bin as possible, and to start wasting less and saving more – both money and the planet.


6 easy ways to reduce food waste

Write a shopping list or snap a ‘shelfie’

Turn your fridge down to under 5°C

Freeze your loaf and toast straight from the freezer

Plan ahead and defrost meals in the fridge overnight

Use up your lockdown larder staples

Get creative with leftover recipes


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