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A message from Keystone – the marketing team that’s been asked to help support HDC’s Reopening Huntingdonshire initiative. 


As you may already know, we are developing a dedicated marketing engagement campaign to engage with Huntingdonshire SME’s and residents around the reopening of Huntingdonshire’s business and town centres.

Our objective is to signify that Huntingdonshire’s towns are open – reassuring and motivating Huntingdonshire businesses and our community to take new steps to reengage with their safe and welcoming business and community environments.

New messaging, key campaign materials, stakeholder engagement and full marketing execution will be handled by Keystone, working closely with the in house Comms team who’ll take the lead on PR. Businesses will be signposted to an online suite of resource tools, and residents will be reassured and motivated to visit their local business environments in a safe and welcoming way.

What you can expect from us:
You are an important stakeholder in all this and we are pleased to have spoken to so many of you already. We’ll be sending you emails each week to highlight the very latest on the campaign, and to highlight what’s coming next. We appreciate that this email is quite long, as there’s a lot to share with you in terms of background information and to announce what has been achieved over this first week. Please do bear with us and we can assure you that we expect future update emails to be shorter!

Reiterating the part you play:
We know that you have direct access to, and very strong relationships with, your own audiences. Whilst Keystone will be managing the campaign through HDC’s established communication channels, we see you as having such an important part to play too. You can help the Reopening messages gain so more reach and engagement by cascading through your channels too.

A run down of the latest activity:
As our campaign plans take shape, this week has seen:

*Please note that we would also like to announce the latest update on pavement markings to retailers, this has been shared separately with you at the end of this message if relevant to you.

Examples of how we can work together:

  • Do you have a hard copy magazine or email newsletter scheduled in the next 8 weeks? Let us know and we can provide campaign content for you
  • Do you have a website with the ability to add news or blog content? Let us know and we can submit a piece for you
  • Could you share an email footer, or website image to click through to the campaign website? Let us know and we can prepare for you!
  • Want to be showcased as part of the comms? Let us know and we can talk you through video and photography options
  • Do you know of a prominent position to share campaign visuals (ie; your office window, a central town ad/banner space? Please tell us
  • Another option? Once we know, we’ll jump on it!

Here’s how you can help:
Right now:

  • Share the above links to the Business survey now and Residents survey when live (where relevant)
  • Promote to your business contacts (if relevant) that they can be part of the campaign (just give them our details to express their interest)
  • Share images and updates with us of what you are doing on the ground that we can showcase as part of the campaign (just email them over)
  • Please do follow and to see the campaign focused activity as it comes on stream. We’ll be using the dedicated hashtag #ReopeningHuntingdonshire across all social media channels.


  • Future promotional content to be shared on your social media channels
  • Tailored communications written by us especially for your channels and platforms
  • Bespoke messaging that signifies your key role as a campaign stakeholder

Please do contact the Keystone team at if there’s anything you need. We can also be contacted on 01480 278750.

We all look forward to working with you – and will be back in touch next week!

Kind regards,
Hayley Williams – on behalf of the HDC Reopening Huntingdonshire campaign

* As per note above:
As part of the reopening action plan, to help keep your customers safe, HDC’s Operations team has sourced environmentally friendly external pavement markings to position outside your premises for socially distanced queuing. However, the continuing challenge with the wet weather this week has meant the team has been unable to install these markings as early as scheduled. This work is now scheduled to take place from Sunday (14th June) in line with the approaching dry weather – an important requirement for the markings to securely fix onto the ground. The team will complete this work as quickly as they can – but in the meantime, we ask you not to add any of your own pavement markings as this has not been approved by Highways, unlike our imminent solution.