Godmanchester Traffic Issues


The Town Council has received a large number of complaints, observations and suggestions from residents concerned about traffic jams,  illegal and inconsiderate parking, excessive speeding, and persistent cut-through (rat run) driving.  These problems affect us all and the Council is aware that measures to combat them are necessary and, in some case, overdue.


However, the focus of these issues is highly likely to change once the A14 work is completed, the Huntingdon viaduct is closed, and the Views Common, Mill Common and Pathfinder link roads are opened. This is the time when the Council believes that it should request a full road and traffic survey of Godmanchester.  This would review our overall parking requirements, speed restrictions, potential benefits of one-way traffic flows and the elimination of rat runs.


We ask for your patience. We do intend to address the problems that affect us all,  but we must act when we can be most effective for the long term.