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For some time, Godmanchester Town Council (Town Council) have understood and been advised that the Godmanchester Recreation Ground was owned by Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC), a position previously confirmed by HDC in writing. The Town Council have therefore undertaken works and public functions on the Recreation Ground on the understanding that they were doing so with the permission of the landowner.


Recently, however, HDC have informed the Town Council that HDC do not consider themselves to be the owners of the Recreation Ground but, having sought a legal opinion, the Town Council have been advised that there is at present no evidence to support HDC’s revised view and that there is strong evidence that ownership is indeed vested in HDC. HDC’s position remains unchanged, although they have to date not provided any evidence to question this legal advice.


In view of HDC’s revised position, the Town Council can no longer consider themselves as now having the landowner’s permission to undertake activities on the Recreation Ground.  The Town Council have regretfully decided that all such activities must cease until either HDC accept that they are the landowners or provide firm evidence that ownership lies elsewhere. In the circumstances, therefore, the Town Council will regrettably be also unable to proceed with any grounds maintenance work (including grass cutting, bin emptying, hanging baskets, refilling dog bag bins), repair work to the historic steps or the replacement of the Queens Walk Play Area.


The Town Council will update residents on the position when further information becomes available to them.