Now we’re out of lockdown there are lots of COVID-safe activities that you can do with your friends and family.

Get Outside

It’s great to get out in the fresh winter air! You can socialise in groups of up to six people from different households outside. Just remember grab your hand sanitiser and keep physical distancing in mind when out an about.


Going out to support your local pub or restaurant?

You can go with people from your household or support bubble.  Remember to use hand sanitiser, take your face covering and put it in a  disposable or washable bag for safekeeping.

Are you going out shopping?

Put your face covering in a disposable or washable bag between uses to keep it safe.

Working from home?

You may be itching to get back to the office to see your work friends – but by staying home you’re doing your bit to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Socialise with friends

The safest way to socialise with friends is online or going outdoors to meet them.  There’s lots of things you can do like organising a video call, going for a walk or having a coffee with a friend in your garden.  You’re more likely to catch COVID in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, so get outside together
and enjoy some fresh air

Eating Out

You can eat inside a pub or restaurant with members of your own household or support bubble.or you can sit outside in a pub or restaurant garden and enjoy a meal with others in groups of up to six.  Book ahead if you can.

Getting back to the gym after lockdown?
Just remember to take your face covering for while you’re not working out and use hand sanitiser.  Also make sure the room is well ventilated and the venue is COVID safe:

Celebrate Christmas safely

Between 23–27 December you can form a bubble of up to three households to spend Christmas with.  If you’re planning on spending Christmas indoors
with your bubble, here are some simple steps that can be taken to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID:
✅       reduce the number of people in one room
✅       meet in the largest space possible
✅       open the windows to keep the house well ventilated
✅       rearrange furniture to make more space
✅       take turns so only one person at a time is doing the cooking, serving or washing the dishes etc to avoid crowding in small spaces
✅       wear face coverings when distance cannot be maintained
✅       remember to think about relatives and friends who may be elderly or vulnerable

For more info on what you can do: