Be A Councillor

To become a Godmanchester Town Councillor you don’t have to be a politician and you don’t need to belong to a political party, we operate as a non-political Council. You don’t have to be old, highly educated or have a profession, it’s not a club, we aren’t all the same; it is 17 passionate volunteers who give up some of their time to try to make Godmanchester an even better place to live. Groups made up of diverse individuals tend to make better informed decisions. It is important that councils have Councillors who not only reflect and represent the community they serve, but also have a broad range of skills, interests & experience.
We all have things we’d like to see changed, updated, improved or further developed in Godmanchester from traffic & parking to new houses & our green spaces. There are lots of people who share their concerns, opinions and frustrations on our local Godmanchester Facebook page with many suggestions as to who may be at fault and how they would like to sort it all out.
If you want to make a difference and be involved in shaping the future of our town & local community • Are you concerned about your local area and want to ensure that the community gets the right services • Would you like to represent the views of local people and ensure that community interests are taken into account • Can you contribute your professional or business skills • Are you concerned about a particular issue • It could be an extension of what you are already doing through a charity, voluntary group or school governing body – becoming a Godmanchester Town Councillor can be the next step. Even if it’s not for you, perhaps you know someone who would make a great Councillor. It’s hard work, time consuming but very rewarding.