Photo of Grit Bins

Cambridgeshire County Council ‘s Community Gritting Scheme invites local volunteers to help keep their community moving in freezing weather. Under this scheme, the parish or town council agrees specific routes in their area which are important to the local community and agrees them with the county council.   


If you wish to be involved and would like to sign up as a volunteer, please complete the Gritting Scheme Form below and return it to

Cambridgeshire County Council,
Highways Depot, Station Road, Whittlesford CB2 4NL or to register as a Community Gritting Volunteer



Please send your completed form by 31st October 2021.


The form is required annually ensure our health and safety standards are being met.


See below for a link to the online Community Gritting registration form:


For further information please see Cambridgeshire County Council’s web page:


If you spot a grit bin that is empty or running low, please let Cambridge County Council know through their online reporting tool.


Thank you for your support.