JF Field

Why the Town Council has a Use of Land Policy and Land Use Licenses

Godmanchester Town Council maintains areas of land throughout the Town.  These green spaces are used by the community for relaxation and exercise. They include the Recreation Ground, Judith’s Field, Devana Park and Buttermel Meadow.

Wherever possible the Town Council promotes free and open access to the land for all users for health and enjoyment.  These spaces are maintained by the Town Council and users can access them at their own risk.

It was recognised that increasingly we have seen more organised commercial groups using the spaces.  This is welcome but brings with it challenges.  The Council needs to ensure that these groups: do not stop other people from using the facilities, take care of these community assets and have appropriate safeguards in place that the public should and does expect.

Council took the decision to require a Town Council Licence to use the spaces.  The licence is modest (for most groups it works out to around 20p per person per use) and required the licence holder to satisfy the Town Council that good and adequate provision is made for the appropriate level of:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Insurance, including Public Liability Insurance
  • First Aid provision
  • Safeguarding and provisions relating to vulnerable people ➢ Protection against discrimination (equality and diversity)
  • Agree to reinstate the land after use to the Council’s satisfaction.
  • Indemnify the Town Council against all claims, demands, costs, actions or proceedings caused by or to any person linked to the group.

The Licence enables to Council to refuse those who cannot prove they are operating responsibly.

The Council has the ability to enforce licenses on its land and commercial groups are required to provide their licence for inspection on demand.

The Use of Land Policy is on the Town Council’s website.  The charges are scaled according to how often a commercial activity takes place as a one-off yearly licence charge:


Outdoor Fitness Classes Per Week Per Month Per Annum
1 to 2 times per week £4.62 £20.00 £240.00
3 to 4 times per week £6.92 £30.00 £360.00
5 to 7 times per week £9.23 £40.00 £480.00