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Welcome to your Skatepark Questionnaire

Skatepark for Godmanchester?

Many local towns and villages have successful, well used community skateparks; the nearest are located at Stukeley Meadows, Buckden and there is a new one at Alconbury Weald.  With the new development at Romans Edge there will be an even bigger community of younger people for whom the Town Council are keen to provide recreational and educational facilities.

Before this project is taken forward, it is important to ascertain if there is support within our community.

The Town Council would be very pleased to hear from you.

Please leave your comments below.

  1. Would you like a skatepark at Judiths Field?

2. Do you or your family currently visit skateparks in other nearby towns and villages?
3. Would you or your family use the facility and if so would you use a scooter, skateboard or BMX bike?
4. Do you have concerns about a new skatepark with regard to noise and/or antisocial behaviour?
5. Do you think a new skatepark is a good use of community funds?
6. Would you or any of you family, especially young people, be interested in taking part in fund raising for this project?
7. We welcome any constructive comments: